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Whether the economy is in a boom period or in decline, it always seems to be more difficult for people from a non-Swedish background to get a job. The Bazaar aims to counteract this circumstance.

No fees and no registration necessary for visitors.

In 2018 as many as 113 exhibitors were spread over the Bazar's three sections:

  • Recruitment: employers looking for personnel
  • Education, foreign qualifications and degrees: information and advice
  • Business start-up: information for people looking to start a business

Meeting place for employers and jobseekers

In the recruitment section, visitors could meet employers face to face and apply for jobs at the Bazaar itself. This is something that is particularly appreciated by visitors from non-Swedish backgrounds, who find that they are rarely called to interview. During the 2018 Bazaar, this section had almost 8,000 visitors. 140 employments were made.


Representatives for higher and other adult education inform about contents and conditions. Advisers are on hand to describe how to get foreign qualifications and degrees evaluated.

Business start-up

This section gathers the market’s most important players (public and private) in the business start-up field. Visitors can discuss everything from business concept analysis, forms of enterprise and financing to trading with other countries. .

SFX – Swedish for professionals

Courses in the Swedish language for professionals, Sfx targets people with professional training from other countries. There are courses for medical personnel (for e.g. doctors, nurses or dentists), bus drivers, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, engineers, truck drivers and teachers.

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